The Cloudburst Foundation was founded in 2015 and is a non-profit organization with headquarters in Lake Como, Italy.

The mission of Cloudburst is to advance a movement of cross-sectoral collaboration to regenerate the wealth of Earth’s commons. We envision a world where humanity collaborates as a keystone community and regenerates health and well-being for the planet and all people. Cloudburst has an exclusive partnership with the Commonwealth Secretariat to support implementation of a ‘regenerative development’ climate action plan capable of supporting member states to meet their commitments to the Paris Climate Accord and fulfill the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

" There is no big solution, only many thousands of small ones. "

— Wendell Berry, poet and environmentalist

Our primary focus is climate change as it is the single greatest threat of our time. Climate change is the result of multiple failures across many fields of human activity—which is why we bring together integrated approaches and innovations to address its complexity. Cloudburst believes that in order to solve the climate crisis we must tap into the unique potential inherent in every human being and place on Earth. This involves nurturing the human-nature relationship to one based not on extraction but reciprocity and collaboration.

Inequality, poverty, exponential growth, and a culture of domination are perpetuating climate change. We believe these are not symptoms of a problem but part of a flawed system. Therefore, we are willing to venture where others are reluctant to go: in search of human and natural innovations capable of regenerating the wealth of Earth’s shared heritage and building a world of partnership and equality.

We focus on the commons; that is, the shared human and natural resources that are our collective heritage. The commons are the oceans, rivers, mountains, forests, air, seeds, and even the internet, fruits of scientific learning and human rights. Global warming is symptomatic of the fundamental mismanagement of the commons on many sides — the ultimate tragedy of the commons. No single intervention is capable of solving the SDGs and the failures that have resulted in global warming, meaning an integrated approach is needed. The commons provide a governance template that both embodies the values of human dignity and supports the regeneration of the environment, ecosystems, and societies dependant upon them.

“Although we come from different directions, we are all working on the same project: creating a life-affirming legacy.”

— The Cloudburst Foundation

The Cloudburst Foundation

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