Our mission is to advance a movement of cross-sectoral collaboration to regenerate the wealth of Earth’s commons. Our Vision is a world where humanity collaborates as a keystone community and restores health and well-being to the planet and all people.

The Cloudburst Foundation was founded in 2014, and is a non-profit organization with headquarters on Lake Como, Italy. Cloudburst supports programs that have global reach, while also engaging deeply on ecological regeneration in Italy. The Foundation’s primary focus is on policy and communications. We work closely with global leaders to promote policies that move beyond do less harm efforts to ones that do most good. Our communications work focuses on effectively telling the story of regenerating the Earth’s commons and the living web—the shared ecological resources that are our collective heritage.

The Foundation has a partnership with the Commonwealth Secretariat to support member states to regenerate ecosystems while also addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

" There is no big solution, only many thousands of small ones. "

— Wendell Berry, poet and environmentalist

During Cloudburst Foundation’s first years, we brought together some of the world’s best climate scientists, environmentalists, activists, economists, and global political leaders to share innovations, technologies, and knowledge on how to regenerate the health of planetary ecosystems.

Between October 2016 and June 2017, Cloudburst held critical convenings at the Commonwealth Secretariat in London. These served to uncover, and then amplify, the voices of practitioners working on ecological regeneration. They began with a gathering of climate experts, and followed with high level meetings of political representatives, financial, and business sector leaders. In each of these gatherings, Cloudburst tested new concepts and frameworks, and the feedback from participants —across sectors—was consistently positive. By introducing these insights into high leverage political dialogues, Cloudburst supported an emerging paradigm shift, toward a narrative around ecological regeneration and the living web. Many attendees, including high-level political representatives, have since introduced regenerative language into their communications, advocacy, and policy efforts. These convenings enabled Cloudburst to identify opportunities for its next phase of work.

Common Earth

Common Earth is an international consortium supporting efforts to regenerate the wealth of Earth’s commons to meet and exceed the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We have a partnership with the Commonwealth Secretariat to scale up regenerative development across 53 member states.

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“Although we come from different directions, we are all working on the same project: creating a life-affirming legacy.”

— The Cloudburst Foundation

The Cloudburst Foundation

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